Best 3 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast – One Incredible Secret to Fast Weight Loss

Many people have been asking a particular WEIGHT LOSS question recently. They want to know which are the best foods to eat to lose weight. The 3 foods in this article are proven to help people lose up to 5 pounds in a week. These great foods will definitely help you lose weight and help you lead a healthy life.

3 Great Foods – essential for a weight loss diet plan

First Food To Eat To Lose Weight – Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is what doctors like to call a good fat. This is because a cup of cottage cheese contains roughly 200 calories, but of this 200 calories, only 2% of it is actually fat. Pretty amazing right? Now on top of this, cottage cheese is high in calcium. Plus, you can make it taste really amazing by preparing it with spices and scallions.

Cottage cheese is also a great substitute for unhealthy foods such as cream cheese. For example, on the occassions in which you would use cream cheese in your bakings or cookings, you can easily use cottage cheese instead. Because it is a fantastic substitute for many unhealthy foods, cottage cheese is definitely a great food to eat to lose weight naturally.

Second Food To Eat To Lose Weight – Figs

fresh figs in a plate on rustic wooden tableRecently, a study showed that those who eat figs are less likely to get hunger pangs. They are also less likely to overeat (one of the biggest causes of rapid weight gain is overeating). In the study, the participants actually complained that they were being given too much to eat. It was also noted that those who ate a fig-free diet ended up eating more food than those who didn’t.

You can serve figs with fruit juices (that’s what most people do). Figs are very beneficial and can help you tremendously in achieving your goal of becoming slimmer and lose 10 pounds fast.

Before you go to the 3rd food, watch this weight loss video below or in this link

Third Food To Eat To Lose Weight – Fish

It is hard to judge the exact number of calories in a serving of fish because there are so many type of them. Some may contain about a 100 calories. Others could go up to 250 calories. One of the best fish to eat to aid with weight loss is tuna. It contains just 150 calories and is also a great source of protein.

Another reason why you should eat fish more regularly is because it can help with lowering the chances of you getting a heart disease. Many studies show that those who eat fish are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. They also help in lowering your cholesterol levels and maintaining a safe blood pressure.

So as you can see, these 3 amazing foods to eat to lose weight fast can provide you with more benefits than just weight loss. Not only does it lessen the risk of getting fatal diseases too. This is why you should start eating these foods right away.