Best foods that prevent binge eating and overeating

Binge eating can be defined as an emotional and uncontrolled eating whereby individuals aspire to finish food that is available.

Craving for certain foods can cause overeating. Fatty and sugary foods are always craved for but they are the main cause of being overweight and obesity.

Alcoholic beverages are addictive and if not managed can cause severe health complications. Alcohol can be avoided by one taking a walk in the park and drinking a lot of water because the alcoholic contents in a beverage can cause body dehydration hence reduced metabolism of the body.

Foods that prevent binge eating and overeating

Fruits, vegetables , nuts and greens are healthy for the body, health because they are free of cholesterol and contain fiber that is important for the development of muscles and help in a better digestion.

Soy is an important food because it contains less fat and cholesterol and this helps in reducing complications related to the heart such as the heart disease. Soy also contains contains amino acids which help in good health.

Water is a natural resource that helps in weight loss. Drinking approximately 15 glasses of warm water will help to cut down on the amount of fats on your body because water helps to break down complex fatty acids in the body. Water is also important in metabolism and in the digestion of food. More on binge eating disorder here

Avacado contains healthy fats, it is highly nutritive, contains vitamin C and K and also has got small traces of manganese and zinc. Avacado does not contain any cholesterol. The foods that help and prevent binging and overeating are supposed to be consumed in right amounts to avoid gaining weight.

Whole grains are a major supplier of nutrients because they provide more than 20 percent of daily recommended value. Besides, whole grains provide fiber which aids in digestion by preventing constipation and digestion cancers.

Sunflower seeds are the source of selenium and therefore help in controlling the damaging of body cells. Pureed vegetables help to reduce calories which one consumes because they have a low bulk content. Beans have a tendency of staying in the digestive system, rich in fiber content and hence they reduce the urge of eating

One is emotional state such as being happy or anxious can cause compulsive eating. However this can be avoided by having a daily consumption record, having a morning jog of about 30 minutes 3 times a week and trying to work out by attending gym classes.